Screening, Evaluation, & Tracking


– Parents will be required to fill out a daily COVID-19 Risk Information Consent form before leaving home

– Students will wash hand at handwashing station (bathroom) upon entering

– No visitors are allowed into the facilities

– Dismissal at the scheduled time in the specified pickup zone

– Temperature checks will be made upon arrival and dismissal

PPE & Hand Washing

– Players are required to wear a mask to and from their class location. It is recommended that masks be used during all outdoor activities, and are required during all indoor activities

– Coaches will wear face masks at all times

– Students will be required to wash hands during breaks and instructed to apply hand sanitizer

– Additional masks and hand sanitizer on site will be provided

All players will need to bring their own soccer ball to class each week. 


Enhanced Cleaning

– Facilities will be disinfected and cleaned twice a day in accordance with CDC guidelines

– Bathrooms will be disinfected and cleaned after use

– Coaches will clean and disinfect all soccer equipment before and after use


Social Distancing

– Coaches will maintain social distancing following local and CDC guidelines

– Water, snacks, and lunch breaks will be socially distanced

What if my child shows symptoms?

– Staff will immediately call all parents to pick up children from their class or camp

– Staff and children will remain socially distanced following local and CDC guidelines

– Children will be provided hand sanitizer to use for personal hygiene

– Staff will disinfect/clean all equipment within CDC guidelines

– Temperature checks will be taken of all kids, coaches, and caregivers present

If someone is exhibiting symptoms of Covid they need to immediately quarantine:

– 14 days since symptoms first appeared and improvement in symptoms; OR

– Improvement in symptoms + 2 negative Covid tests at least 24 hours apart.

If a location is forced to close for any reason:

– All-purpose cleaning company will come in to disinfect the entire facility for COVID within CDC guidelines

– All participants re-entering their class will need to have shown no or improved symptoms for the last 14 days; OR be obtain 2 negative Covid tests at least 24 hours apart

– Coaches will complete daily health screening before teaching a class