Join us for a free trial of our Soccer Stars @HOME Virtual Classes!

Virtual classes are a great way to stay active and engaged from the comfort of your own home, or as a way to get a feel for how our in-person classes are run.


Choose the time and day from the options below that best fits your schedule.

Ages: 1-3

Thursday, April 22nd

Ages: 3-4

Sunday, June 13th

Ages: 3-5

Monday, November 15th

Ages: 7-9

Thursday, April 22nd

Ages: 7-12

Monday, May 31st

Ages: 5-10

Monday, November 15th

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Our Soccer Stars @HOME Virtual Classes will take learning to the next level, with fully interactive sessions using Zoom screen share. We literally bring our physical location classes straight to your computer or smart device!

Through our digital classroom, children can see their teammates and work directly with their coach. You will have the ability to ask direct questions and screen share with the coach for individual instruction. There will also be an opportunity for your coach to assign activities to keep the fun going after class, like building your own soccer goal box, and beat-the-coach challenges.

Classes will run 30-45 mins (age-dependent) and will follow our normal class structure, including warmups, stretching exercises, skill intro and progression. A replay of the class will also be available immediately following each session, so that your soccer star can continuing practicing. Lessons are designed with small spaces in mind – a 5x5ft area is all you need. No equipment, no problem! Coaches suggest items to use that are easily found around the house.

Dana E.
Dana E.
Customer, Soccer Stars @HOME
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“I’ll be honest I thought you guys doing this was such a joke. I really thought there was no way this would go well, but we gave it a try because we were bored. and my son ended up loving it and so did I, so we’re happy to sign up!“